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Gunplaya + complimentary PDF

Gunplaya + complimentary PDF

Red Oaks Creative

  • €9.99

GunPlaya is an exciting, rules light,  RPG for 2 to 6 players, that allows you to go wild with Anime and Mecha inspired action.  

Recreate your favourite 1990s Saturday Morning cartoons with GunPlaya, if you are a fan of Anime, Mecha and Manga (and general silliness!), then this is the RPG for you! 

Imagine Dangermouse style stories crossed with Transformers, but with Goldfish piloting the Mecha suits! Sound fun - well, yes it is!

What's in the Zine?

GunPlaya comes with all the rules you need to:

  • Create your own cool adventures
  • Design your own Mecha suited Monsters
  • Create fantastic characters

It even comes with an crazy adventure of Mecha suit wearing, eco warrior goldfish to get you started!


The Zine comes with a full set of rules for the game. We've based the rules on our SpiralsRPG system, which is already finished and available for download at itch. SpiralsRPG is a rules light (but fully played and tested) RPG system with an innovative dice pool system and allows players and GMs to be up and running in under five minutes. 


It also comes with an exciting adventure for you to play. Set on the tropical island of Playa del Gun, the evil Mantopus, a brilliant scientist, has constructed an 8 tentacled mech suit to help them control the fauna and water supply on the island.

You take on the role of the Mecha suited "eco warrior" Goldfish Folk as they launch their daring attack to reclaim the fresh water and to save their habitat, but time and resources are limited. 

Your Mecha suits fire freshwater  at your foes, but you will need to restock your supplies, and Mantopus is already stockpiling most of it! 

Can you save the day and release the fresh water back into the rivers and canals, or will Mantopus win the day?

GunPlaya comes comes with 12 brand new monsters to strike fear into the hearts of your players with, plus stats for Mantopus, as well as a hand-drawn map and location descriptions for the adventure. 

All you need to play GunPlaya is some TTRPG dice and a vivid imagination!

New Monsters

GunPlaya comes with stats and manga inspired artwork for 12 new monsters!

Mecha Suits

Your players will pilot their own Mecha Suits, using their "goldfish characters". 

No goldfish were hurt in the making of this RPG! 

New Water Based Weapons

Freshwater swords, super soakers and water pistols are all the rage in Playa del Gun! 


SpiralsRPG is a lightweight classless, skills based RPG system that we have made free for you to use. You can be a world builder, a story teller or a one shot GM, all you need to do is to take the framework provided here and tell your tale, and is available for free here.

SpiralsRPG is built on a dice pool system, perfect for us "Dice Goblins", and uses an entirely new mechanic in RPG games. Turn order is built on a "Beat" system, allowing for a new and exciting way to resolve initiative.

While GunPlaya is a game fully on its own, we felt that by using SpiralsRPG as the core rules, it gave better value as it allowed GMs to build their own stories and adventures as well as play the one we created.


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