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MÖRK BORG Compatible: In The Bluelight + complimentary PDF via online store

Loot the Room

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In The Bluelight is a frozen dungeon crawl adventure by Chris Bissette.


The days are fleeting out on the ice. The days are fleeting everywhere, now, but out on the barrens of Kergüs they are even further lessened. Time is thin here. It stretches, twists, freezes. Shatters.

Miseries grip the world, inevitable and unending. The Doomsayers scream that they can't be stopped, that the end is nigh, that the seventh Misery will come and the world will burn. Verhu's word has never yet been wrong.

And yet.


Maybe there is hope out there in the ice, where time rolls like sludge. Where the end is, perhaps, not quite so inevitable.

In The Bluelight is an adventure designed to be played over two or three sessions. You’ll need the MÖRK BORG core game to play it, unless you want to convert it to another system. I literally can’t stop you doing that and have very little interest in trying.

In The Bluelight takes characters deep beneath the barren wastes of Kergüs, where an ancient artefact that holds the power to stop the Miseries afflicting the world lies buried beneath the ice. There is treasure frozen into the icy walls, too, and if you were to extract it you would return home rich. But the thaw that opened the Ice Vaults will not last forever, and if the characters tally too long they’ll find themselves trapped inside the glacier for the rest of their short, shivering lives.

The adventure itself is a sprawling dungeon over three levels packed full of NPCs, weird encounters, and a subterranean maze haunted by the oozing remnants of a third prophetic basilisk. It comes complete with encounter tables for the long trek across the ice fields of Kergüs, and new scriptures from the Arkhian Theurgy that replace the Calendar of Nechrubel while inside the dungeon, making the ice shift and change as the players spend more time in the Vaults.

The dungeon portion of the book mimics the layout of Rotblack Sludge, the introductory adventure found in MÖRK BORG, so it’s familiar and easy to use at the table.

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