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Capital Lux 2 Generations Card Game: The Expansion

Capital Lux 2 Generations Card Game: The Expansion

Aporta Games

  • €10.99

This expansion includes 4 new power tiles:

- Intruder: The Intruder power makes you play a rebel card in any capital district without triggering the power.
- Vector: The Vector power makes you draw a negative card into your hand.
- Architect: Take one Architect tile and add it to your home base sheet. Whenever you complete the mission on the tile, you receive 2 gold and discard the tile.
- Experimenter: This power makes you draw one Experimenter card into your hand. A 1-valued card makes you trigger a capital power even when you play it in your home base, while a 7-valued card never triggers any power.

In addition to this, the expansion also includes components for a 5th player, as well as 4 new Mentalist tiles to add to the base game.

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